A small business located in the heart of Montréal, a project which was started in the midst of the pandemic. With the lockdown, many of us had nowhere to go except stay at home. It is in that moment I realized how both our mental and physical health should be in our priorities and that our home is our own little sanctuary. Of course, I kept in mind that we wouldn’t have our cozy space without our planet.

Hence, when I created this brand, I wanted to make sure that it can fit any aesthetic all while being as sustainable as possible. All of Dulcet Glow’s products are carefully curated to make sure most of the material are recycled, recyclable or reusable as much as possible. However, I am aware there is more to do, and therefore will keep pushing to do more within our resources. 



This brand was created with the intention to bring out your inner glow. Every time you light a candle, we hope you are taking some time off for yourself, relaxing and treating yourself in the best way possible.

In this hectic life, we aim to bring yourself and your loved ones closer to you, one scent at a time. We decided there is no better way than by making sure your products are as eco-friendly as possible. We made sure our jars are reusable, the wax is a 100% natural blend, and the wood wicks natural and recycled as well.

Protecting Mother Earth is crucial as She is the reason why we have air to breathe. Hence, we have partnered with onetreeplanted so that every purchase is the equivalent of one tree planted in the regions that are most in need so we can reduce our ecological footprint and give back to our planet.